The inspiration behind Love, Aoki-Marie came from wanting to wear Christian apparel, but never finding anything in the colors or styles that we wanted. There are a gazillion amazing Christian apparel brands on the market, but none of them spoke to us. We love pastels, rainbows and unicorns! Oh and pink! Loads of pink! We love and listen to Christian music but we also love the 70s, 80s and 90s and the fashion, movies and music of those eras. We wanted to create a brand that would embody all of that.

There is a common misconception that when you give your life to Christ, everything about you gets left behind. We don't believe that. We believe that when you give your life to Christ, you are born again and He gives you a changed heart. You are directed by the Holy Spirit in the ways that He will have you to go, but it doesn't change the fact that you are a mom and a woman and an amazing artist or dancer or musician...etc. You keep all those things with you. Those are the things that allow you to relate to others and help them along on their walks.

We want this brand to make people feel good about themselves. To feel happy. That is the feeling that I have when I design every single item. That is the feeling my daughter has when she's sketching her latest design on her iPad. We are so happy and blessed to do what we do and we are so happy to be able to share it with all of you! Thank you so much for stopping by!

Blessings and Love,